Julian Alexander Uran Martinez
Software Developer - System Administrator - Cloud Engineer

About me

I'm a Systems and Computer Engineer (Computer Science and Computer Engineering hybrid) with Software Development, R&D and Information Technology Management experience. I've previously worked with cloud computing technologies and I'm constantly looking for interesting things to keep me busy, like great ideas and people.


Since I'm good at both system administration and software development, my skill set is distributed between the two and that allows me to get things running full-throttle fast, even from scratch.

SW Development
I like my code to be pretty, reusable, modular and efficient. I know how to use Python (proficient +), Django (proficient +), C (proficient), C++ (prior experience), PHP (prior experience), Matlab (prior experience), Java (prior experience), and Bash script (proficient).

IT Administration
I enjoy optimizing resource utilization and hardening systems so everything runs smoothly. I know how to use GNU/Linux and configure services such as web servers (Apache, Nginx), control version systems (SVN, Git), high availability services (firewalls, load balancers, NAT and Proxy servers).

Cloud computing
I always tend to optimize resource utilization a lot so costs go down and elasticity shows cloud advantages over on-premises. Hands-on experience with Amazon AWS, Microsoft, and open source clouds and technologies.

I think virtualizing is amazing since it makes getting-things-done-fast a lot easier. I've been VMWare ESX administrator for more than 700 VMs running 24/7 over two fibre channel SANs, data loss free even after technical equipment failures (recovered data from physically damaged disks by using forensic equipment; and I also like other clouds platforms, like OpenStack.

Skill map

My skills and tools I use


Lead developer at Bemovil SAS, Colombia. Implemented cloud-backed brand new backbone from scratch for nation-wide mobile carrier related operations, currently handling millions of cellphone topups requests per day, sent from client servers, smart-phones and other mobile devices.

Lead developer at Global Computing Lab research group (GCLab), University of Delaware, USA. Implemented, modified and tested tools for researching computationally efficient algorithms and adaptive scheduling policies.

Nationwide Customer Support Manager of SPADIES, a Colombian Ministry of National Education system that analyses data gathered by higher education institutions to minimize students dropping out indexes.

Master's Degree, Systems and Computer Engineering at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Ranked fifth in Latin America's top universities.

System Administrator at Universidad de los Andes Systems and Computer Engineering Department, Colombia. Troubleshooted tier 2 and 3 requests while managing virtual IT infrastructure with 700+ VMWare virtual machines.


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